Mahogany Baby Grand Piano

This piano stood in the same position for over 30 years, in direct sunlight for much of the time. The top surface is covered with heat marks and has extensive water damage. The veneer is split and damaged in many places. It’s clear from the photos that a lot of the finish has been so damaged that it appears that the wood is bare.

Working on site and across four days, the existing finish was completely stripped, the wood re-stained, coloured and repaired (fixing the veneer and removing all the heat and dark water marks). To achieve the high gloss and beautiful depth of finish, many coats of french polish, using traditional techniques, was applied.

Heat resisting French polish was used, which will help defend against the sun’s effect and also the ocassional hot cup.

The owner was overjoyed to have restored to them a piano that has been in the family for decades, with a finish that will last for many more years to come.

(Please click image for larger view)

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