Mahogany Panelled Rooms

The developers and owners of this apartment in Kensington were strongly considering ripping out all of these panelled rooms, as they felt that the rooms where beyond repair. The panels where badly damaged in places, with deep scratches, dents and even burn marks from strong lighting. Years of sunlight on certain sections had discoloured the panels leaving light patches on the wood. All of the skirting and most of the cornices where in need of replacing, new windows and radiator cases needed to be installed, none of which would match the existing antique wood.

We advised that the rooms could be repaired and all of the new wood matched seamlessly with the old. Also that it would be far more cost effective to keep the panels and restore them, than to remove them and replace them with something else.

In a relatively short period of time and using traditional techniques, we cleaned and repaired all of the panels and woodwork. All the new wood was matched with the old and woodwork that was too badly damaged to revive was stripped and re-finished.

The rooms now look fantastic and it’s great to have saved timber that would have otherwise been thrown away.

(Please click image for larger view)

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