Black Handrail

A handrail can be a really striking centrepiece to any building however they are a really expensive thing to replace, as they are always solid wood and often have carved bends and curves in them that only a real specialist carpenter can achieve. So if the colour no longer works with the surroundings or you simply want a change, to buy a new handrail could cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

This black handrail is a really great example of a light handrail being completely changed. The owners decided to go for black polish, instead of sticking with the original light colour and I feel that, although we’ve polished a few black handrail’s over the years, this one was a real stand-out. It works so well with the surrounding design and with the full shine it looks stunning.

(Please click image for larger view)

It’s really important to remember that you’re not always stuck with the colour of the timber, you really can completely change the look to work with the surrounding décor, even if it means going to an extreme like this black handrail.

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