Richmond Job

This house in Richmond was a complete re-do, most of the building internals where removed and re-built and a new basement constructed. The designer on the project, came up with the concept of silver and  a dark coffee bean brown, as the main colour theme. The owners gave us the whole package of work, which comprised over thirty doors, two staircases and lot’s of furniture and fittings. This meant that we were able to colour match everything and using the same materials, were able to get a consistent finish throughout.

(Please click image for larger view)

Although the doors all came in light Oak, as did the handrail and much of the furniture was Beech, we were able to match all of the work and even vary the shades, as required, to allow for variety within the overall theme. All of the polishing work was done using traditional techniques and materials, the only exception to this, was the treads and spindles on the staircases, where we had to use an iridescent pigment with our polish to achieve the silvery look. The overall look is very modern but because of the traditional finishing, it has great depth, which is unlike much of the very flat and lifeless modern finishes we often see.

It’s a step outside of polishing work but to match the overall theme, we gilded various items (picture frames, chairs and mirrors) with silver leaf and applied a coloured French polish to make them look slightly aged. This worked to great effect, most notable when used on the chairs and mirrors, as seen in the below images.

The final design looks fantastic and we still head back to the house every now and then to polish new furniture and touch up the general wear and tear from the kids and dogs.

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