Bespoke Solid Cedar Dining Table

Here’s a preview of our most recent bespoke piece of furniture. It’s a stunning, single piece, solid Cedar of Lebanon dining table.

To commission a table like this, please click here or contact Paleamber 0845 539 0509

(Please click image for larger view)

The table is handmade and hand finished with traditional French Polishing techniques, that expose the true beauty of the solid timber. The finish is designed to nourish the timber, so that it will get richer and deeper in colour, as the years go by. This is not a sprayed or a lacquered finish, our finish doesn’t sit on top of the wood, as these do but rather penetrates deep into the timber.

We worked closely with our clients to create a design that would match their specifications perfectly. At 3 feet wide and 2.8m long we had to select the timber careful and design a base that would support the large solid Cedar top. After construction and delivery the table was coloured and polished on site, to perfectly match the surroundings

The end result is a beautiful solid table, that can’t possibly be replicated in any kind of veneer; the fantastic cracks and knots, the stunning end grain and the bark still present on the sides, just add to the uniqueness of this piece. This will last for many, many decades to come.
NB. This single piece top design (using Cedar of Lebanon) can be constructed up to a maximum of 3m long.

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