Oak Doors and Mahogany Handrail

The aim of this project in Barnes, London was to stain and polish twenty six newly built Oak doors and a brand new handrail (with newel posts), to a dark Walnut colour. The client wanted to get away from the orange colour that is often found in lighter sections of walnut and focus on the greys and mild yellow & green tones.

The main challenge in achieving this is that Mahogany and Oak both have a natural warmth to them, Mahogany with red and Oak with warm yellows and pinks. To remove these colours without going too dark can be difficult. They are also very different timbers, Oak is light with an open grain and strong figure, where as Mahogany is tight grained and on this handrail, has very little figure. Using stains and polish tints, we were able to remove most of  the warmth from both doors and handrail, without making the colour too dark and also match the timbers as close as they can go without losing the beauty of the individual woods.

Both handrail and doors are finished to a satin sheen, which makes for a really clean and classy look to all the woodwork. Dark Walnut woodwork works very well with softer colours in the surrounding areas as it keeps the woodwork lines sharp and defined.

(Please click image for larger view)

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