Converted Teak Boardroom Table to Rosewood Dining Table

An interior designer we often work for sent a photo of a Teak veneered, boardroom table, she’d bought from ebay. It’s a fairly boring looking table (see below image) but she asked whether it was possible to match it to a Rosewood unit she’d also bought, for a dining area. This kind of project is great because it’s a real case of timber reuse and it show’s, once again, that you’re not stuck with the original colour or look of your woodwork (see Don’t Throw It Out post). It can be completely changed to become an exciting and fashionable new piece, which is absolutely in keeping with the furniture and decor surrounding it.

We completely stripped the table of it’s old Lacquered finish and stained the timber to a new Rosewood colour. We then applied French Polish to finish the piece off, to a sheen just above matt, so it has a very slight shine to it (this is much easier to live with than matt, as matt shows up anything slightly greasy, even finger prints) . The final piece is a great match for the sideboard unit, which brings the whole room together and makes for a very smart looking dining area.

(Please click image for larger view)

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