French Polishing Black Piano

Due to a big leak and years of wear and tear, the finish on this piano had been damaged quite badly. The owner was looking at how to get rid of it, as he thought it couldn’t be repaired or would simply be too expensive. A grand piano, even one this size, is a tough thing to remove; this one is situated on the first floor and would have either meant removing a wall and part of a staircase or hiring a crane and removing a large window, to get it out. Either option would have cost a small fortune and he would have lost a great item which was probably original to the building.

Fortunately he took our advice and chose to have us restore the piano instead of throwing it away. The only real damage on the top of the piano was on the finish, the actual timber was fine. The French Polishing took four days to completely re-French Polish the top and repair the sides and legs. We fully stripped the old damaged finish off, using chemicals (no messy and timber damaging sanding machines), stained it black with environmentally safe water stain and re-polished it using traditional French Polishing techniques. The end result is a stunning looking piano, returned to it’s former beauty, which is now a real centre piece for the room, rather than an eyesore.

All the French Polishing was done on site, so no need to take it to a workshop. The owner now has a lovely piano which was French Polished for a fraction of the cost of removing it.

If you have a piano that needs French Polishing please contact us online or call on 0845 539 0509

NB: Not all pianos are French Polished, some newer ones have a Polyester or Lacquer finish, these may need to be re-sprayed in a workshop. If you are unsure what type of finish is on your piano, contact us and we’ll come and take a look.

(Please click image for larger view)

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