Bespoke Walnut Sideboard With Granite Top

This is a newly built bespoke Walnut sideboard. The body is constructed of Walnut and hand finished with French polish to a dark satin Walnut, the top is a fantastic slab of Steel Grey Granite. Our customer needed a surface that could take hot serving trays and saucepans, for dinner parties, so we decided that stone would be the best option for this.

The colours work perfectly with the surrounding decor and at 2.5 meters in length it’s a stunning item.The stone to fits the design brief perfectly and also shows that you don’t need to be limited to timber in all your furniture, it can be very effective to mix other materials to suit your design and practical needs.

We produce all our own drawings and work closely with the customer to produce a great designs.

If you’d like a similar piece or another piece of bespoke furniture please click here or contact Paleamber 0845 539 0509

(Please click image for larger view)


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