Oak Doors French Polishing Makeover

One of the most exciting aspects of the work we do, is when we perform a complete transformation of the timber we’re working on. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with the timber itself; there’s no damage, marks or stains but the problem is with the look. This was the case with these Oak doors. They’re solid Oak and well made, so there was no reason to replace them but the overall look was a little bland and dated. The customer wanted a complete change to something sharper and more modern. To achieve this we removed the existing finish from the doors, stained to a new, darker colour and finished with a classy satin sheen French Polish.

It’s a really effective change that has taken place and compared to replacing the doors, stripping and French Polishing to a different colour and sheen, is far cheaper, as there’s no need to buy new doors (which would have the additional labour cost of fitting the doors along with handles, locks etc.). Changing through French Polishing also greatly minimises the disruption and time that would be needed if the doors where changed. It’s a really cost effective way to get a new look for any of your woodwork.

The ability to change colour and sheen applies to almost all timber so if you have furniture, doors, or other woodwork that needs updating, please contact us online or call on 0845 539 0509 

(Please click image for larger view)

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