French Polishing A Grey Oak Dining Table

A customer recently asked, if we French Polished her dining table, would it have to be shiny? It’s one of the questions we’re regularly asked, along with: Is French Polishing only suitable for old furniture? And can French Polishing only achieve a traditional look? To all three questions, the answer is simply no. This Oak table is a great way to illustrate the point; It’s a brand new, Oak veneered dining table and you’ll notice, is very modern in design. Our customer wanted a fashionable grey/charcoal colour, to match her new decor and also was definite that she didn’t want anything shiny, in fact she wanted to have the finish as matt as possible.

Modern, matt and new furniture are things not often heard in the context of French Polishing but are completely possible and highly relevant to our trade (please see our French Polishing FAQs section). We use traditional techniques for the best finishing but by using a mix of traditional and modern materials we can achieve a very modern look. In this case the 2.5 meter dining table, was stained to charcoal grey using traditional water stain and finished using a modern matt oil, which is very durable and able to take spills and heavy use. It’s a fantastic looking modern piece of furniture finished with traditional techniques. Please take a look at the images.

NB. Please note that due to time constraints on site, some of the images show the table not completely dry, so there is a slight shine in places. This will completely dry to a matt finish, like the rest of the table.

This grey colour works exceptionally well on Oak so if you have an Oak piece of furniture that you’d like taken to this colour please contact us online or call on 0845 539 0509 

(Please click image for larger view)

4 responses to “French Polishing A Grey Oak Dining Table

  1. I am embarrassed to see my unfinished patio and droopy plants in your ‘will it be shiny ‘ feature! Table looks lovely though. Could it have got lighter since you did it.? It looks a bit lighter now? My question is – would you be able to polish these Brissi chair legs (see link) to the same colour?
    thank you
    kind regards

  2. Thanks for the comment Simone. It’s possible that the table has got a little lighter, if it’s been in direct sunlight but it may also be that my images are just darker. We can certainly polish the Brissi legs to match the table. They look like Beech so should match well to the grey table top.

    • We’re a London, UK based company. We cover all of London and on some occasions, we take on projects outside of London. It really depends on the project. Are you Local?

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