Bespoke Walk In Wardrobe

This is a newly constructed and installed bespoke walk in wardrobe. It’s a conversion from a spare bedroom and was a fantastic project to complete. We’ve completely transformed the room and provided a very happy customer with ample space for her clothes and shoe collection.

The beauty of bespoke furniture is that you can be very specific with your every requirement. Each piece of furniture is completely unique and built for your space and precise needs . You don’t have to compromise. This wardrobe is a great example of that; the customer had very clear requirements, for instance the shelves for her shoes are not spaced evenly but rather spaced so that shoes, boots (long and short) all fit perfectly on their particular shelf. The hanging rails are set to the length of her clothes, so long dresses won’t crease on the bottom of the units.  We worked together to make sure the pigeon holes where the perfect size for her bag collection. She also required maximum use of space in all directions, which is not something that can often be achieved with non-bespoke furniture. The wardrobe is tight to the ceiling, with only a small shadow gap and is built on the ground with no plinth (usually used to hide adjustable feet), so every little bit of space is used to the full.

This wardrobe has transformed the bedroom and is a striking piece for our customer’s home.

We produce all our own drawings and work closely with the customer to produce a great design. We also supply accurate computer renders of the work before construction, so our customers can really visualise how a piece will look and make any necessary changes before work begins (see images below).

If you’d like a similar piece, or any other type of bespoke furniture, please click here or contact Paleamber 0845 539 0509

(Please click image for larger view)

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