Large Hampstead Property French Polishing

In general, our French Polishing work tends to be focused on individual items or centred around one particular area of a property. We might, for instance, be asked to re-polish a table or handrail, or maybe take all of the doors in a building to a different colour or finish. This large Hampstead property, however, was an exception as we were asked to work on all of the woodwork throughout the building. Everything from doors, floors, panelled rooms and handrails to individual items of furniture and even construction of bespoke items (one of which was this fantastic, bespoke child’s play bed).

Working on the timber in a property as a whole, rather than individual items, like the Richmond project, which we completed a few years ago, gives a real sense of cohesion throughout the whole property. The colours and finishes match seamlessly and it allows us to work even closer with our customer to meet their needs.

This is a vast property, with a huge amount of woodwork to French Polish. Take a look at the images below which show some of the main areas the we worked in. These include a Walnut panelled office, which was supplied unfinished, so we had to stain and French Polish all of the timber joinery; a games room, which again was supplied with the timber unfinished but this time in Oak; an underground walk way to a swimming pool, where we polished the wall columns and stair treads, all stained grey and finished in oil for durability against the damp air from the swimming pool; a staircase handrail, stained and polished to a lovely satin sheen; and polishing to dark Walnut doors and panels through the whole property.

(Please click image for larger view)



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