Mahogany Boardroom Table

At the heart of the French Polishing trade you will find a genuine love for Mahogany. It’s the timber that the trade was originally invented for in the 18th century (French Polishing FAQ) and it is truly the ultimate way to bring out the true beauty in figure, colour and grain of this lovely wood. French Polishing and Mahogany go hand in hand, so it’s always fantastic to work on an old piece of Mahogany furniture, like this stunning boardroom table. Even in it’s unfinished state, as can be seen in the first images below, the colour and figure are wonderful and certainly not of a quality you could ever get in today’s timbers.

Using water stain, as we did on this project, has an evening effect on the timber and really brings out the figure. Then applying French Polish with the traditional old techniques using a Rubber and slowly building up the many layers, elevates the colour and figure to a whole new level.

This large table had been used as boardroom table for many years, so had the usual heat marks from hot cups, scratches and dents from everyday use. But once the old finish was stripped off and a few repairs made, it was plain that there was nothing really wrong with the timber itself.  A couple of days work for us and this previously tired looking table now looks absolutely stunning and is a real centerpiece for the room.

The images below shows the process from the point where the table has just be stripped of it’s old damaged finish, it’s just been stained and sealed ready for French Polishing.

If you have a Mahogany or any other type of timber piece of furniture that you’d like French Polished please contact us online or call on 0845 539 0509 

(Please click image for larger view)

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