Aico michael amini signature series furniture

Aico michael amini signature series furniture

Is Aico Furniture good quality?

AICO by Michael Amini furniture has been producing truly exquisite, fashion forward and high quality pieces for over 25 years. AICO Furniture prices certainly do not compromise the brand’s high – quality pieces.

What is Aico furniture?

About Aico Furniture As a true market leader, Aico Furniture sets the standard for top-of-the-line furniture design. Inspired collections are available in a wide range of design choices for the bedroom, dining room and living room, along with complementary accent pieces.

Where is Michael Amini furniture made?

Where is the furniture made ? AICO ® product is made in its factories throughout Asia. Only the most skilled craftsmen are employed, so as to comply with the strict standards of quality that AICO ® expects.

Who is Michael Amini?

The gig: Michael Amini , 58, was an unhappy electrical engineer who went from designing circuits to designing furniture. His Pico Rivera company, Amini Innovation Corp., also known as Aico, sells products through more than 3,000 retailers in more than 80 countries in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Who is AICO?

Aico , an Ei Company, is a market leader in domestic fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) protection, pioneering new technologies and offering high quality alarms designed, developed and manufactured at our factory in Shannon, Ireland.

Is American Drew Furniture solid wood?

American Drew Solid Wood End Tables Nightstands Made In USA.

How do you clean Michael Amini furniture?

Dry Clean only; use a professional furniture cleaning service only. Wipe your leather with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust. Fully clean your furniture with a leather protection cream every 4-6 months to remove dirt and grime as well as gradual accumulation of body oils. For oil based stains use a leather degreaser.

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