Chalk painted furniture with dark wax

Chalk painted furniture with dark wax

What does dark wax do to chalk paint?

Dark wax will absorb into the chalk paint and can immedately tint your painted finish darker than you might desire. After applying the clear wax , buff it out to a shine.

How do you add dark wax to chalk paint?

Remove any excess wax with a lint-free cloth. While the Clear Wax is still wet, apply Dark Chalk Paint ® Wax with a Chalk Paint ® Wax Brush, working in small areas at a time. Apply liberally – it will appear very dark , but don’t worry, you will be able to knock this back.

Can I use furniture wax on chalk paint?

Chalk paint can leave a matte finish. You can easily apply wax to your dried chalk paint by wiping it on with a dry cloth and buffing it. A small amount of wax can go a long way so be cautious when using it. You may need to wax and buff your piece twice to get an even finish.

How do you use dark wax on furniture?

How to Use Dark Wax on Furniture + Videos Be sure to check out my two waxing videos at the end of this post! Left side: Apply some dark wax over the clear wax . Right side: Dip your brush or rag into the dark wax pot and rub on. Left side: if you wait a couple of minutes to allow the dark wax to dry, you’ll have more dark wax that stays on.

How do you fix too much dark wax on chalk paint?

With chalk paint , you can simply paint right over the wax and start again. No extra prep work needed. Just make sure the dark Wax has dried! You cannot repaint over freshly applied wax …

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How soon can you wax after chalk paint?

24 hours

How long should chalk paint dry before waxing?

24 hours

Should I use wax or polyurethane over chalk paint?

Chalk Paint FAQs No, unfortunately because there is nothing for the poly to grip onto, and it will never dry and cure. You can , however, apply wax over poly ! Just remember that wax is last!

Can you clear varnish over chalk paint?

It’s worth mentioning that when applying a clear wax or varnish over chalk paint , it will likely alter the chalk paint colour to some degree. This is especially so with white finishes. Applying a clear coat over a white finish tends to make it turn yellowy, giving it an aged or Victorian look.

Do you buff between coats of wax on chalk paint?

Once you apply the wax with the round brush, then go back and rub it in and off the surface of the paint with a soft t-shirt rag. The wax needs to be wiped into the paint and then you let it dry. Then you go back and buff with a soft t-shirt fabric.

How do you buff furniture after waxing?

With a soft clean cloth or waxing brush, apply the furniture wax by dipping the cloth or brush into the can of wax . Rub the wax vigorously and spread it on thinly. Next is to buff . Wait until the solvents in the furniture wax have evaporated before buffing .

How do you darken wooden furniture with wax?

Use a small Chalk Paint® Wax Brush to apply Dark Chalk Paint® Wax generously over the surface of the wood . Move the brush in all directions, making certain that you get the wax into the grain of the wood as you go. Keep working into the wax while it’s still wet. Use a cloth to remove the excess wax .

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