Dark wood floor with white furniture

Dark wood floor with white furniture

Can you mix dark wood furniture with white furniture?

White walls look great with just about any color wood furniture . But they look really great when the wood furniture is dark enough to create a stark contrast. Creating contrast is also a great way to mix different wood tones. If your floors are light, dark wood furniture will stand out and visa versa (Ref: 3.)

What furniture goes with dark wood floors?

For the most harmonious look, choose wood furniture that matches the warmth of your floors but is a few shades lighter. For instance, pair grayish or black wood floors with pale, weathered woods, and pair warm, rich floors (like the ones shown here) with warm medium- to light-toned woods like cherry or maple .

What colors go well with dark wood floors?

Light vs. Dark Matters for Hardwood Floors White . You can choose several cool white shades for your walls. Light Gray . Rather than pure white , you can always go for a light gray that has undertones of beige, blue, green , or taupe. Very Light Blue . Lighter blue walls go great with dark hardwood floors. Subtle Green .

Does white furniture go with wood floors?

Contrast helps create depth, but you can combine dark wood furniture with dark wood floors and still make the room look interesting. Crisp white walls work well with darker woods, but you can go with other light shades, such as light grey or cream.

Should all furniture be same color?

In fact, choosing furniture specifically because it DOESN’T match is preferable. Consider pieces darker or lighter in hue for more contrast and more interest in the space; just keep the undertones similar for best results.

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Can you mix dark and light wood furniture?

Mixing a dark wood (like ebony) with a light wood (like lime) will always look chic and intentional.” If you ‘re starting with a wood floor and are adding new wood tones (a table, chairs , etc.), consider using a rug to act as a buffer.

Are dark wood floors out of style?

While dark hardwood flooring has a special beauty of all of its own and it has been fashionable for a while now, it’s likely to fade out in favourability. Trend is going towards lighter woods such as natural oak.

Are dark hardwood floors timeless?

However, if you just can’t decide, you can’t go wrong with the versatile look of a dark wood floor . “If you are going for a timeless look, a darker wood tone will always be applicable,” says designer Kia Weatherspoon, president of D.C.-based Determined by Design.

Is dark flooring a good idea?

Dark wood tends to provide a more modern and elegant look than lighter wood floors . Dark wood is less susceptible to fading because it absorbs light. This means you won’t have to refinish it as frequently as you would a lighter floor . Dark wood shows the grain of the wood better than a lighter color.

What color should I paint my living room with dark wood floors?

Subtle greens, especially ones that have gray and/or blue undertones also work well with dark hardwood. Stay away from saturated greens as those can be too dark and many look very dated.

Should walls be darker than floor?

A good rule of thumb is to work from the bottom up: darker hues at the bottom and lighter at the top, especially since floors are usually a darker hue than walls and ceilings are lighter than walls .

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What Colours go with dark oak flooring?

If you have dark flooring , consider creating a cosy effect with a dark wall colour . Choose shades from deep indigo, emerald, slate grey or black and choose light or medium wood accents, warm metallics and neutral textures for an intimate room, perfect for relaxing in the evening.

Should furniture be darker or lighter than floor?

The best choices usually are furniture that is just a few shades lighter in color than the floor . Too much of a contrast will leave the room feeling stark. Partial match. However, remember to keep other pieces (and the wall paint) a bit lighter , otherwise the room will become too dark .

Should all your wood furniture match?

While wood finishes don’t need to match , they should complement each other. Look at the color bias of each wood to see if it is warm or cool, then make sure their undertones match , regardless of finish.

Do wood floors need to match throughout the house?

While many people try to match all of the wood floorings throughout their homes , it’s unnecessary. Wood floors do not need to match , and often, it’s best if they don’t. Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference, and either style can work.

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