How to treat woodworm in antique furniture

How to treat woodworm in antique furniture

How do you get rid of woodworm in old furniture?

Firstly where possible apply a ready to use woodworm killer to the area and into the holes (you will need to remove any waxes or varnishes so the treatment can penetrate the wood). Then once dry simply melt beewax and tint it into the colour of the wood and fill in the holes.

Can you treat woodworm with vinegar?

Can you treat woodworm with vinegar ? You can use vinegar to treat woodworms in a piece of furniture, but it won’t kill the larvae or the bugs, it will just force the larvae out of the furniture.

Should I get rid of furniture with woodworm?

This might sound obvious but we would strongly advise that you remove all furniture pieces and non-structural timbers that are woodworm infested or that you suspect might have a woodworm issue. This is simply to help minimise or prevent any further woodworm issues within the property.

Can woodworm go away on its own?

If there is an active infestation then moisture levels in the building must be abnormally high – in other words, it is damp. Resolving the causes of this issue will eliminate the woodworm . It really is that straightforward. If the building is dry the colony will die out.

How can I tell if woodworm is still active?

How do you know if woodworm is active ? New exit holes in timbers, the size and shape will also determine the type of wood boring beetle. Dust, visible bore dust known as ‘Frass’ below the holes is often the easiest indicator of activity as aged dust will blow away over time.

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How do you stop woodworm from spreading?

Measures to prevent woodworm infestation Keep humidity levels low and ensuring wood is well-ventilated. See above for advice on checking moisture content of your timber. Remove pieces of furniture or non-structural timber that are infested to avoid the woodworm spreading .

What is the best time of year to treat woodworm?

Typically starting between May & September which is the adult emergence season for Woodworm . The woodworm should be treated as soon as possible to avoid the beetle laying larvae and the lifecycle recurring.

How long does woodworm last?

10-14 days

Can woodworm spread from furniture?

Woodworm describes a type of woodboring beetle larvae that invade the wood found in our homes and consume it until they reach maturity. Woodworm is therefore unlikely to spread , but it can do if the offspring choose another piece of your furniture to lay their eggs in once they reach maturity.

How serious is woodworm?

The most damaging form of woodworm come from the larva of the ‘House Longhorn Beetle’. Again this beetle is only likely to be found in damp timber, however due to its size and ability to bore extensively through wood and timber, it can cause quite rapid and severe damage.

How much does it cost to treat woodworm?

The cost of woodworm treatment is around £30 per 25m2 or between £400-£900 in total. Permethrin Treatment.

Job Duration Average costs
Professional Woodworm survey 1 to 4 hours £100 to £200
DIY Boron or Permethrin treatment 1 to 2 hours £50 to £150
Professional treatment 1 to 3 days £500 to £1000
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Can you smell woodworm?

Does Woodworm Smell ? The woodworm itself does not smell , however, woodworm beetles are attracted to dampness in timber so it will be the wood that might actually smell .

Is woodworm covered by house insurance?

Damage caused by woodworm is rarely covered by home insurance . At Admiral it’s listed under the general exceptions section of our home insurance policies, along with other gradual and preventable problems such as rust, corrosion, insects and vermin.

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