Thomas payne furniture modular theatre seating

Thomas payne furniture modular theatre seating

Who makes Thomas Payne RV furniture?

Lippert Components

Is Thomas Payne RV furniture real leather?

Expert Reply: The Thomas Payne RV Dual Reclining Sofa , # 195-000024-025, and most of the Thomas Payne RV furniture is made from PolyHyde, which is a European leather with a polymer coating. The polymer coating adds to it’s stability while allowing it to remain soft and comfortable.

How do you clean Thomas Payne RV furniture?

According to the owner’s manual for a Thomas Payne RV Trifold Sofa like part # 195-000004, “Use warm water only to clean material. LCI does not suggest any chemicals of any sort.” They also recommend that you tighten the bolts and nuts of the legs of the fold out portion on a monthly basis.

What is PolyHyde upholstery?

PolyHyde is essentially European leather with a polymer coating. European leather is thinner than American leather. The PolyHyde is a durable material since it is polymer coated.

Are RV couches bolted down?

RV furniture may be literally bolted down , but it can certainly be unbolted, removed and replaced with something newer, nicer and better.

What is a tri fold sofa?

This tri – fold sofa easily converts to a bed, so you can sit, sleep or relax comfortably in your RV or camper. It features a Majestic Chocolate PolyHyde upholstery, with high contrast stitching for added style. It converts to a bed with 3 easy steps.

What is Polyhide?

Polyhide is a material I developed whilst investigating ways to re-appropriate waste plastic. By heat fusing layers of plastic bags together, I was able to create a material which is much more suitable to heavy ware, giving it the opportunity of a second life as an object of enhanced value.

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