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Buy new or restored furniture, aftercare products and other wooden items 

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To compliment our polishing and bespoke furniture services we sell a range of products.

>>Our New Furniture is all handmade, built from solid timber and finished with the finest French polish. Each piece is created as a one off item and great care and attention is taken in designing, building and finishing these pieces. They are built to last. We use reclaimed timber where we can.

All Restored Furniture is hand picked by us and utmost care is taken to repair and return the piece to its former glory. If the item needs refinishing then we will match like for like on the finish and any timber that needs replacing, we’ll do our best to reclaim a piece of similar age, to match.

>>Other Wooden Items are our range of beautiful hand-turned, solid, wooden bowls and jewellery boxes. These a fantastic items where we showcase some of the amazing things that can be achieved with solid timber and even some machined boards. We mix different timbers, reclaim and reuse expensive hardwoods and push the artistic side of carpentry. 

>>Our Aftercare Products can be used to care for your polished items of furniture or woodwork. We have a range of waxes which help to protect and nourish polished timber.

Our New Furniture and Other Wooden Items are created as one-off pieces, however, if the item is showing as sold in the store and you’d like to commission another item like this please contact us on 0845 539 0509 or use our contact page.

As much of the timber we use is reclaimed, it means to recreate a piece exactly is impossible but we feel that this is the beauty of each unique item.

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