New Furniture

This is our range of  handmade, solid furniture. Each piece is handmade, built from solid timber and finished with the finest French polish. We design all our furniture ourselves and every piece is created as a one off item. Great care and attention is taken in designing, building and finishing these pieces. They are built to last. We use reclaimed timber where we can which means the furniture is even more unique and also supports our efforts to be as environmentally friendly as possible, with all the work we carry out.

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Solid handmade Iroko Dinning Table - With Reclaimed Timber

Solid Iroko Dining Table – With Reclaimed Timber  (137cm x 70cm x 74cm)
£960 (inc.VAT)
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Handmade Walnut and Ash Coffee Table

Solid Walnut and Ash Coffee Table  (79.5cm x 61cm x 28cm all timber is 4.4cm thick)
£750 (inc.VAT)
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Handmade Cedar Dinning Table for sale

Solid Cedar of Lebanon Dinning Table (2800cm x 91.4cm  x 71cm top is single piece at 1inch thick) 
£3100 – SOLD – Can be commissioned to a length of approximately 3m
Commission paleamber

Handmade Ash Coffee Table for Sale

Solid Ash Coffee Table (89cm x 57cm x 41.5cm all timber is 4.4cm thick )
£700 (inc.VAT)
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